Version Type Default Session
7.3.4 String No No
8.0.4 String No No
8.0.5 String No No
8.0.6 String No No
8.1.5 String No No
8.1.6 String No Immediate
8.1.7 String No Immediate
9.0.1 String No Immediate
9.2.0 String No Immediate

This parameter specifies the directory in which background process trace files are written

The parameter can be set in the initialisation file e.g.

background_dump_dest = 'directory'
background_dump_dest = 'R:\Oracle\Admin\NT92001\bdump';

This parameter can be also set at system level e.g.

ALTER SYSTEM SET background_dump_dest = 'C:\Temp';

In Oracle 9.2 (Windows 2000), when the ALTER SYSTEM command is used to change this parameter, output is immediate written to the new directory.

This parameter cannot be set at session level

This directory includes trace files with names in the following format

where process_id is the PID in Unix and the thread number in Windows NT/2000 e.g.

Oracle 9.2 can include the following background processes

Name Description
ARC0 Archival Process 0
ARC1 Archival Process 1
ARC2 Archival Process 2
ARC3 Archival Process 3
ARC4 Archival Process 4
ARC5 Archival Process 5
ARC6 Archival Process 6
ARC7 Archival Process 7
ARC8 Archival Process 8
ARC9 Archival Process 9
CJQ0 Job Queue Coordinator
CKPT Checkpoint
DBW0 DB Writer Process 0
DBW1 DB Writer Process 1
DBW2 DB Writer Process 2
DBW3 DB Writer Process 3
DBW4 DB Writer Process 4
DBW5 DB Writer Process 5
DBW6 DB Writer Process 6
DBW7 DB Writer Process 7
DBW8 DB Writer Process 8
DBW9 DB Writer Process 9
DBWa DB Writer Process 10 (a)
DBWb DB Writer Process 11 (b)
DBWc DB Writer Process 12 (c)
DBWd DB Writer Process 13 (d)
DBWe DB Writer Process 14 (e)
DBWf DB Writer Process 15 (f)
DBWg DB Writer Process 16 (g)
DBWh DB Writer Process 17 (h)
DBWi DB Writer Process 18 (i)
DBWj DB Writer Process 19 (j)
DIAG Diagnosibility Process
DMON DG Broker Monitor Process
EMN0 Event Monitor Process 0
FMON File Mapping Monitor Process
LCK0 Lock Process 0
LGWR Redo Logging Process
LMD0 Global Enqueue Service Daemon 0
LMON Global Enqueue Service Monitor
LMS0 Global Cache Service Process 0
LMS1 Global Cache Service Process 1
LMS2 Global Cache Service Process 2
LMS3 Global Cache Service Process 3
LMS4 Global Cache Service Process 4
LMS5 Global Cache Service Process 5
LMS6 Global Cache Service Process 6
LMS7 Global Cache Service Process 7
LMS8 Global Cache Service Process 8
LMS9 Global Cache Service Process 9
LNSV Network Server
LSP0 Logical Standby
LSP1 Dictionary Build Process for Logical Standby
MRP0 Managed Standby Recovery
NSV0 DR Server NetSlave Process 0
PMON Process Cleanup
QMN0 AQ Time Manager Process 0
QMN1 AQ Time Manager Process 1
QMN2 AQ Time Manager Process 2
QMN3 AQ Time Manager Process 3
QMN4 AQ Time Manager Process 4
QMN5 AQ Time Manager Process 5
QMN6 AQ Time Manager Process 6
QMN7 AQ Time Manager Process 7
QMN8 AQ Time Manager Process 8
QMN9 AQ Time Manager Process 9
RECO Distributed Recovery
RSM0 DR Resource Manager Process
SMON System Monitor Process