This parameter specifies the level of trace that should be generated when redo logs are archived.

Version Type Default Session
8.1.6 Integer 0 No Immediate
8.1.7 Integer 0 No Immediate
9.0.1 Integer 0 No Immediate
9.2.0 Integer 0 No Immediate
10.1.0 Integer 0 No Immediate
10.2.0 Integer 0 No Immediate

The value of the parameter indicates the level of trace to be generated:

Level Description
0 Disabled (default)
1 Track archival of redo log file
2 Track status of each archivelog destination
4 Track archival operational phase
8 Track archivelog destination activity
16 Track detailed archivelog destination activity
32 Track archivelog destination parameter changes
64 Track ARCn process state activity
128 Track FAL server related activities
256 Track RFS Logical Client
512 Tracks LGWR redo shipping network activity
1024 Tracks RFS physical client
2048 Tracks RFS/ARCn ping heartbeat
4096 Tracks real-time apply activity
8192 Tracks Redo Apply activity (media recovery or physical standby)