Parameter - USER_DUMP_DEST

Version Type Default Session
7.3.4 String No No
8.0.4 String No No
8.0.5 String No No
8.0.6 String No No
8.1.5 String No No
8.1.6 String No Immediate
8.1.7 String No Immediate
9.0.1 String No Immediate
9.2.0 String No Immediate

This parameter specifies the directory in which foreground process trace files are written

The parameter can be set in the initialisation file e.g.:

user_dump_dest = 'directory'
user_dump_dest = 'R:\Oracle\Admin\NT92001\udump';

This parameter can be also set at system level e.g.

ALTER SYSTEM SET user_dump_dest = 'Q:\Udump';

In Oracle 9.2 (Windows 2000), when the ALTER SYSTEM command is used to change this parameter, output is immediate written to the new directory.

This parameter cannot be set at session level

This directory can include the following trace files:

Trace file type Example
Dedicated server process trace files nt92001_ora_1234.trc
Shared server process trace files nt92001_s000_1234.trc
Dispatcher process trace files nt92001_d000_1234.trc
Parallel execution slave process trace files nt92001_p000_1234.trc
Job queue process trace files nt92001_j000_1234.trc