This view was introduced in Oracle 11.1 primarily to support the ADR which was introduced in the same release.

The view reports the values for various parameters associated with the diagnostic framework.

In Oracle V$DIAG_INFO has the following columns:

NameData Type

In Oracle V$DIAG_INFO reports values for the following parameters:

Diag Enabled
ADR Base
ADR Home
Diag Trace
Diag Alert
Diag Incident
Diag Cdump
Health Monitor
Default Trace File
Active Problem Count
Active Incident Count

The Default Trace File parameter reports the pathname of the trace file for the current session. For example:

SELECT value FROM v$diag_info WHERE name = 'Default Trace File';


The above query is useful for users that do not have SYSDBA privileges as they cannot use ORADEBUG TRACEFILE_NAME.