Background Processes

Background processes support various types of Oracle processing

Each version of Oracle has a set of associated background processes. Each background process has a descriptor in the fixed area of the SGA. Background process descriptors are of type ksbdp. The descriptors can be seen in the level 2 GLOBAL_AREA dump for example:

    ALTER SESSION SET EVENTS 'immediate trace name global_area level 2';

Every background process descriptor has an internal (structure) name e.g. ktmprc_ and an external (display) name e.g. SMON. A list of background process descriptors together with the external and internal names can be obtained using the following query:

    SELECT ksbdd.ksbddidn, ksmfsv.ksmfsnam, ksbdd.ksbdddsc
    FROM x$ksbdd ksbdd, x$ksbdp ksbdp, x$ksmfsv ksmfsv
    WHERE ksbdd.indx = ksbdp.indx
    AND ksbdp.addr = ksmfsv.ksmfsadr
    ORDER BY ksbdd.ksbddidn;

The following table shows the background processes in Oracle including bither their internal and external names and their descriptions

External NameInternal NameDescription
ARB0kfgbr0_ASM Rebalance 0
ARB1kfgbr1_ASM Rebalance 1
ARB2kfgbr2_ASM Rebalance 2
ARB3kfgbr3_ASM Rebalance 3
ARB4kfgbr4_ASM Rebalance 4
ARB5kfgbr5_ASM Rebalance 5
ARB6kfgbr6_ASM Rebalance 6
ARB7kfgbr7_ASM Rebalance 7
ARB8kfgbr8_ASM Rebalance 8
ARB9kfgbr9_ASM Rebalance 9
ARBAkfgbrA_ASM Rebalance 10
ARC0kcrrd0_Archival Process 0
ARC1kcrrd1_Archival Process 1
ARC2kcrrd2_Archival Process 2
ARC3kcrrd3_Archival Process 3
ARC4kcrrd4_Archival Process 4
ARC5kcrrd5_Archival Process 5
ARC6kcrrd6_Archival Process 6
ARC7kcrrd7_Archival Process 7
ARC8kcrrd8_Archival Process 8
ARC9kcrrd9_Archival Process 9
ARCakcrrdxa_Archival Process 10
ARCbkcrrdxb_Archival Process 11
ARCckcrrdxc_Archival Process 12
ARCdkcrrdxd_Archival Process 13
ARCekcrrdxe_Archival Process 14
ARCfkcrrdxf_Archival Process 15
ARCgkcrrdxg_Archival Process 16
ARChkcrrdxh_Archival Process 17
ARCikcrrdxi_Archival Process 18
ARCjkcrrdxj_Archival Process 19
ARCkkcrrdxk_Archival Process 20
ARClkcrrdxl_Archival Process 21
ARCmkcrrdxm_Archival Process 22
ARCnkcrrdxn_Archival Process 23
ARCokcrrdxo_Archival Process 24
ARCpkcrrdxp_Archival Process 25
ARCqkcrrdxq_Archival Process 26
ARCrkcrrdxr_Archival Process 27
ARCskcrrdxs_Archival Process 28
ARCtkcrrdxt_Archival Process 29
ASMBkfnbgd_ASM Background
CJQ0kkjcjq0_Job Queue Coordinator
CTWRkrcbgp_Change Tracking Writer
DBW0kcbdw0_db writer process 0
DBW1kcbdw1_db writer process 1
DBW2kcbdw2_db writer process 2
DBW3kcbdw3_db writer process 3
DBW4kcbdw4_db writer process 4
DBW5kcbdw5_db writer process 5
DBW6kcbdw6_db writer process 6
DBW7kcbdw7_db writer process 7
DBW8kcbdw8_db writer process 8
DBW9kcbdw9_db writer process 9
DBWakcbdw10_db writer process 10 (a)
DBWbkcbdw11_db writer process 11 (b)
DBWckcbdw12_db writer process 12 (c)
DBWdkcbdw13_db writer process 13 (d)
DBWekcbdw14_db writer process 14 (e)
DBWfkcbdw15_db writer process 15 (f)
DBWgkcbdw16_db writer process 16 (g)
DBWhkcbdw17_db writer process 17 (h)
DBWikcbdw18_db writer process 18 (i)
DBWjkcbdw19_db writer process 19 (j)
DIAGkstdtp_diagnosibility process
DMONrfmprc_DG Broker Monitor Process
EMN0kponem0_Event Monitor Process 0
FMONksfmfmon_File Mapping Monitor Process
GMONkfdp_gmon_diskgroup monitor
INSVrfi_insv_Data Guard Broker INstance SlaVe Process
LCK0kclck0_Lock Process 0
LGWRkcrprc_Redo etc.
LMD0kjid0_global enqueue service daemon 0
LMONkjidm_global enqueue service monitor
LMS0kjmlms0_global cache service process 0
LMS1kjmlms1_global cache service process 1
LMS2kjmlms2_global cache service process 2
LMS3kjmlms3_global cache service process 3
LMS4kjmlms4_global cache service process 4
LMS5kjmlms5_global cache service process 5
LMS6kjmlms6_global cache service process 6
LMS7kjmlms7_global cache service process 7
LMS8kjmlms8_global cache service process 8
LMS9kjmlms9_global cache service process 9
LMSakjmlmsa_global cache service process 10
LMSbkjmlmsb_global cache service process 11
LMSckjmlmsc_global cache service process 12
LMSdkjmlmsd_global cache service process 13
LMSekjmlmse_global cache service process 14
LMSfkjmlmsf_global cache service process 15
LMSgkjmlmsg_global cache service process 16
LMShkjmlmsh_global cache service process 17
LMSikjmlmsi_global cache service process 18
LMSjkjmlmsj_global cache service process 19
LMSkkjmlmsk_global cache service process 20
LMSlkjmlmsl_global cache service process 21
LMSmkjmlmsm_global cache service process 22
LMSnkjmlmsn_global cache service process 23
LMSokjmlmso_global cache service process 24
LMSpkjmlmsp_global cache service process 25
LMSqkjmlmsq_global cache service process 26
LMSrkjmlmsr_global cache service process 27
LMSskjmlmss_global cache service process 28
LMStkjmlmst_global cache service process 29
LMSukjmlmsu_global cache service process 30
LMSvkjmlmsv_global cache service process 31
LMSwkjmlmsw_global cache service process 32
LMSxkjmlmsx_global cache service process 33
LMSykjmlmsy_global cache service process 34
LMSzkjmlmsz_global cache service process 35
LNS0kcrrns0_Network Server 0
LNS1kcrrns1_Network Server 1
LNS2kcrrns2_Network Server 2
LNS3kcrrns3_Network Server 3
LNS4kcrrns4_Network Server 4
LNS5kcrrns5_Network Server 5
LNS6kcrrns6_Network Server 6
LNS7kcrrns7_Network Server 7
LNS8kcrrns8_Network Server 8
LNS9kcrrns9_Network Server 9
LNSakcrrns10_Network Server 10
LNSbkcrrns11_Network Server 11
LNSckcrrns12_Network Server 12
LNSdkcrrns13_Network Server 13
LNSekcrrns14_Network Server 14
LNSfkcrrns15_Network Server 15
LNSgkcrrns16_Network Server 16
LNShkcrrns17_Network Server 17
LNSikcrrns18_Network Server 18
LNSjkcrrns19_Network Server 19
LSP0krvslsp_Logical Standby
LSP1krvsdbp_Dictionary build process for Logical Standby
LSP2krvssgsp_Set Guard Standby Information for Logical Standby
MMANkmgsdp_Memory Manager
MMNLkebmmnl_Manageability Monitor Process 2
MMONkebmmon_Manageability Monitor Process
MRP0krsmmrp_Managed Standby Recovery
NSV0rfins0_Data Guard Broker NetSlave Process 0
NSV1rfins1_Data Guard Broker NetSlave Process 1
NSV2rfins2_Data Guard Broker NetSlave Process 2
NSV3rfins3_Data Guard Broker NetSlave Process 3
NSV4rfins4_Data Guard Broker NetSlave Process 4
NSV5rfins5_Data Guard Broker NetSlave Process 5
NSV6rfins6_Data Guard Broker NetSlave Process 6
NSV7rfins7_Data Guard Broker NetSlave Process 7
NSV8rfins8_Data Guard Broker NetSlave Process 8
NSV9rfins9_Data Guard Broker NetSlave Process 9
PMONksuclp_process cleanup
PSP0kso_spawner0_process spawner 0
QMNCkwqmnc_AQ Coordinator
RBALkfgbrm_ASM Rebalance master
RECOk2vbkg_distributed recovery
RSM0rfrmp0_Data Guard Broker Resource Guard Process 0
RSM1rfrmp1_Data Guard Broker Resource Guard Process 1
RVWRkrfwrp_Recovery Writer
SMONktmprc_System Monitor Process
TESTksbtstp_test background process