Continuing my investigations into dynamic performance views that are new in Oracle, this week I have been looking at V$SQL_FEATURE. This view contains a list of 497 optimizer features.

V$SQL_FEATURE contains three columns; SQL_FEATURE which is the name of the feature, DESCRIPTION which contains a short description and PROPERTY which is only set to a non-zero value for nine features, all of which appear to be query transformations.

On closer inspection, the majority of features listed in V$SQL_FEATURE are actually bug fixes. In Oracle a total of 407 fixes are listed. This leaves us with 90 actual features.

V$SQL_FEATURE has two related dynamic performance views:

These are not the most useful set of dynamic performance views for DBAs, but [they will definitely be of interest to students and researchers of the optimizer. A list of the optimizer features reported by V$SQL_FEATURE in Oracle (excluding the bug fixes) is available here