Enterprise Manager Concepts

Web Logic

Enterprise Manager 12c uses Oracle WebLogic for the middle tier

The WebLogic Domain Name is GCDomain

The /EMGC_GCDomain/GCDomain target is a WebLogic domain

Two users are created for Weblogic:

Encryption Key

By default the encryption key is stored in $OMS_HOME/sysman/config/emkey.ora.


Details of installation are stored in $OMS_HOME/install/setupinfo.txt


Details of ports assigned to Enterprise Manager components are stored in $OMS_HOME/install/portlist.ini

For example:

Enterprise Manager Upload Http Port=4889
Enterprise Manager Upload Http SSL Port=4903
Enterprise Manager Central Console Http SSL Port=7802
Node Manager Http SSL Port=7403
Managed Server Http Port=7202
Enterprise Manager Central Console Http Port=7788
Oracle Management Agent Port=3872
Admin Server Http SSL Port=7102
Managed Server Http SSL Port=7301

Software Library

During OMS installation the OUI asks if an Oracle Software Library should be configured.

If a library is required then the OUI prompts for the location of the library

The default value is $EM_BASE/swlib

The location of the software library is specified using:

Setup -> Provisioning and Patching -> Software Library

Multiple locations can be specfied

The Software Library page does not require any management packs