List credential types

To show credential types use show_credential_type_info. For example:

$OMS_HOME/bin/emcli show_credential_type_info -target_type=oracle_database
Target Type      Cred Type Name   Cred Type Column Name  Key Column
oracle_database  DBCreds          DBPassword             No
                                  DBRole                 No
                                  DBUserName             Yes
                 DBHostCreds      HostPassword           No
                                  HostUserName           Yes
                 DBKerberosCreds  DBKerberosPassword     No
                                  DBKerberosUserName     Yes
                 HostSSHCreds     SSH_PUB_KEY            No
                                  SSH_PVT_KEY            No
                                  USERNAME               Yes

Create named credential

To create a named credential use create_named_credential. For example create a credential called DB3_USER1 for the USER1 user in the DB3 database with SYSDBA privileges

$OMS_HOME/bin/emcli create_named_credential \
-cred_name=DB3_USER1 \
-auth_target_type=oracle_database \
-cred_type=DBCreds \
-cred_scope=instance \
-target_name=DB3 \
-target_type=oracle_database \

Delete named credential

To delete a named credential use delete_named_credential. For example:

$OMS_HOME/bin/emcli delete_named_credential -cred_name=DB3_USER1
Credential deleted.