RMAN Format Specifiers

Format specifiers allow backup file names to be customized.

The following substitiion variables can be used:

%aDatabase Activition ID
%bBase name - only vaied for SET NEWNAME and image copies
%cBackup piece copy number
%dDatabase name
%DDay of month (DD)
%eArchive log sequence number
%fAbsolute file number
%FSystem-generated name. See below
%hArchived redo log thread number
%MMonth (MM)
%NTablespace name
%nDatabase name - Right padded with 'x' character e.g. TESTxxxx
%pPiece number within backup set
%sBackup set number
%tBackup set timestamp. Use with %s to provide unique name
%uShort system generated file name. See below
%ULong System generated file name. See below
%YYear (YYYY)
%%Percent (%) character

The following section describes the system-generated names in more detail: